Engines, Motors and Generators

Founded in 1961, WEG is one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world today. With a business footprint that straddles all five continents, WEG’s success has been founded on the company’s cutting-edge products, prompt service, and willingness to meet worldwide requirements. Customised to provide all-round solutions, WEG’s products are designed in compliance with international standards as well as customers’ specific needs.

APSS is proud to be the official distributor for WEG’s high-performance motors, transformers, and generators across Myanmar’s oil and gas sector.

Featured Products | W21 High Efficiency Motors

The increasing demand for sustainable energy has change the way electric motors are designed and applied. By taking up the twin challenges of sustainability and efficiency, WEG has produced a new generation of high-efficiency motor using the latest computerised tools as well as computer fluid dynamics.

Recognised for its quality and reliability, the W21 motors are also noted for achieving a significant reduction in noise and vibration levels. increased energy efficiency and utter compatibility with present and future generations of frequency inverters

W21 General Purpose Motor

  • General purpose IP55 motor complying with efficiency levels according to IEC60034-30-1.
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor with lower acquisition cost and high technology.
  • Easy to adapt to the most application types, enabling agility during installation.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance cost.
  • Designed according to IEC34 standards, which guarantees higher energy savings.

W21 Brake Motor

  • Designed designed to operate in applications that require immediate, accurate and safe stops, and position control.
  • Allows synergy in the production process, facilitating agility and safety.
  • Suitable for use with frequency inverters with independent power supply.
  • Features aluminum frame and removable feet.
  • Available in efficiency up to IE4.
  • Meet the needs of load elevators and hoists, among others.

W21Xd Flameproof Motor

  • Explosion-proof motor especially designed to operate in environments where explosives are present.
  • Robust flame retention system with gaps between parts carefully designed.
  • Ensures safety in explosive atmospheres like Zone 1 and Zone 2.
  • Capable of withstanding an internal explosion without propagation to the external environment.
  • Complies with IEC 60034-30-1.

For the Oil and Gas Industry

WEG has been paying special attention to the design of suitable motors for the oil and gas industry in various parts of the world. By combining flexible mechanical design associated with high operational reliability, the maker of premium motors has made their equipment easy to install with extremely low downtime and service maintenance. This is what sets WEG apart as the manufacturer of industrial motors compliant with the most demanding requirements for oil and gas applications.

W40 Three Phase Electric Motor

  • A compact and light Open Drip Proof (ODP) motor designed for industrial applications.
  • An optimised and rugged motor.
  • Complies with international standard dimensions, safety and performance requirements.

W22 Three Phase Motor

  • Cast iron frame, flexible mounting, solid and whole feet with modular design.
  • Lower noise levels and operating temperatures.
  • Ideal for a great variety of industrial applications.
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint

IEEE 841 NEMA Motor

  • Designed for the petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • Rugged construction and long service life.
  • Lower noise levels and better distribution of air flow.
  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.
  • Anticorrosive internal coating and high efficiency.

For the Mining Industry

Mining is known for having one of the harshest work environments in the world. Tough ambient surroundings, solid contamination (dust) and difficult processes are just some of the major factors that shape a typical mine site. By tailoring an unique solution for the mining industry, WEG is able to lower the total cost of ownership while assuring operational reliability. WEG products will help your plant become a flexible, safe and reliable facility with the highest possible levels of productivity.

W50 High Voltage Motor

  • Designed for industrial applications ensuring high performance and reliability under the most severe operating conditions.
  • New frame design ensuring maximum performance while reducing motor vibration and increasing lifetime.
  • Unique fin distribution design that ensures excellent thermal performance.
  • VPI insulation that increases stator electrical strength.
  • Can be provided with sleeve bearings, modular blower kit, oversized terminal box and a wide range of accessories.

CFW11 Frequency Inverter

  • Incorporates world’s most advanced drive technology for three-phase AC induction motors.
  • Vectrue Technology that combines V/F, sensor-less and closed-loop vector control techniques in one product.
  • True open-loop vector controls allow for high torque and fast dynamic response.
  • Plug-and-Play philosophy allowing simple and quick installation of its accessories.
  • Self-tuning allows for automatic drive set-up to match the drive to the motor and load in vector modes.

Mining E-houses

  • Designed and manufactured in a modular concept, which provides flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.
  • Assembled in a single platform and integrates the electrical and control systems of the mining plants.
  • Customised designs that meet or surpass critical mining needs such as geological vibrations, wind, and flame resistance.
  • Available as Secondary Substations, Mobile Container-Type E-houses or Semi-Mobile Container-Type E-houses.