Protective Fabrics

The global leader in fire-resistant fabrics, TenCate products are not only compliant with NFPA, EN, AS/NZ and ISO standards but also offer superior durability and performance. Used by professionals worldwide, TenCate also originated the revolutionary Coolderm™ technology – fabrics engineered with a unique blend featuring both hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers that keep the wearer cool in hot weather and dry when it’s cool.

APSS is proud to be the authorised distributor for the following TenCate product ranges in Bangladesh.

Tecasafe® Plus protective fabrics not only offer oil and gas workers the best possible protection but also a longer shelf life than before.

Made to safeguard wearers against thermal hazards, Tecasafe® Plus is designed to retain inherent fire-resistant (FR) properties that last twice as long as flame-retardant treated cotton fabrics, even after extensive laundering. Cooler, dryer and more durable thanks to its bio-cellulosic fibers, Tecasafe® Plus also offers better moisture regulating properties than synthetic aramids and dries faster than FR-treated cotton.


Breathability, durability and affordability. Now you can enjoy them all in one protective fabric – Tecasafe One.

Engineered for comfort amid the harshest working conditions, Tecasafe® One offers ultra-breathable, inherent flame-retardant performance at an affordable price. Designed with a weave structure made up of soft next-to-skin fibres on the interior of the fabric, and tough, protective fibres on the outside, Tecasafe® One isn’t only two times more breathable than cotton but also outperforms it in moisture wicking, durability, and weight.


GENESIS® protective fabrics are not only inherently fire-resistant but also NFPA2112 and ASTM1506 certified. Featuring a tri-blend comprised of 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid, and 2% anti-static fibers, GENESIS® protective fabrics will offer your workers top-to-toe protection against heat, flash fire, electric arc and other hazardous conditions.

Tough, lightweight and comfortable, GENESIS® fabrics also come with a proprietary wicking finish that stays soft and keeps the wearer dry even as they retain their appearances wash after wash.