Industrial Videoscopes

Used across industrial, medical, and consumer markets worldwide, Olympus’s extensive portfolio of imaging, test and measurement instruments are recognised today for their reliability, accuracy, and versatility. Designed for challenging conditions, the company’s array of borescopes, microscopes, and interferometers continues to impress even the most demanding users.

Designed to provide a clear view of areas that are otherwise inaccessible to other NDT (non-destructive testing) methods. Olympus’s IPLEX videoscopes not only offer advanced inspection capabilities for bores, pipes, and other challenging spaces but also flexibility, durability and outstanding image quality.

APSS is proud to be the official distributor for Olympus’s IPLEX range of industrial videoscopes for the oil and gas sector in Myanmar.

Portable and powerful, @OlympusIMS’s IPLEX G Lite industrial videoscope not only packs powerful imaging capabilities in a small lightweight body, it is also rugged enough to be deployed on the most challenging job sites.

Ergonomically designed and weighing just 1.15 kg, the IPLEX™ G Lite provides its users with a remote visual inspection tool that comes with a specially designed oil-clearing tip adaptor that uses capillary action to draw oil away from the lens.

With the ability to capture high-resolution videos at 60 fps, the IPLEX™ G Lite’s PulsarPic image processor constantly optimises your images by reducing halation, balancing exposure, and improving gain quality.

Fits comfortably in your hand
Ergonomically designed and weighing only 1.15 kg (2.5 pounds), the IPLEX G Lite videoscope can be carried to almost any job site and used comfortably.

Made to travel
The videoscope and its accessories fit neatly in a lightweight travel case small enough to fit under an airplane seat.

Dynamic image optimization
The PulsarPic image processor constantly optimizes your images by reducing halation, balancing exposure, and optimizing gain quality.

Bright illumination
The IPLEX G Lite videoscope’s LED light source is twice as bright as its predecessor (IPLEX UltraLite), helping you locate problems and defects in dark areas and lighting up large spaces.

60 frames per second (fps) video
Capture smooth videos with the videoscope’s high frame rate. If you’re recording a moving object, you can obtain clear videos with no stutter.

Contrast matching
Wider image processing increases the contrast of dark areas in your images to match that of bright areas, enabling you to see fine details throughout the entire image.

True colors and reduced noise
A noise reduction algorithm minimizes noise in dark videos and helps ensure accurate color reproduction.

Responsive joystick. Precise movements.
The IPLEX G Lite videoscope’s ergonomic design is complemented by TrueFeel articulation, making the joystick incredibly responsive. A light touch produces an immediate response and precise movement from the insertion tube so that it is easier to manoeuvre the scope.

See clearly in oily environments
When inspecting in oily environments, such as the gearbox of a wind turbine, getting oil on the scope’s lens can make it difficult to see. The oil clearing tip adaptor uses capillary action to draw oil away from the lens so that you get clearer images without having to stop, withdraw the insertion tube, clean the lens, and resume the inspection.

Convenient controls
All the videoscope’s functions can be controlled using the responsive touch screen or with the conveniently located quick access buttons.

Screen sharing
Wirelessly send live inspection images and video to smartphones and tablets.

Note: Only iOS is supported. Using the new Olympus Image Share App available on the App Store.

The ideal tool for all your inspection and maintenance needs, Olympus’s GX/GT industrial videoscope is known for offering a high level of imaging performance that enables efficient inspection, including a 60 fps video capture rate for crisp clear images with less noise.

It is also easier to operate with Responsive TrueFeelTM articulation that enables you to control the videoscope’s tip precisely, ensuring that the scope goes where you want it. Now you can also livestream your inspection videos and share them simultaneously with your teammates. The GX/GT also automatically records the last 30 minutes of your inspection, so you never lose critical recordings.

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips
1. Easy-to-use touch screen and hot key controls
2. Position the screen where it’s comfortable for you
3. Bright and clear images with smart video

One Tool. Every Job.
1. Change between white, ultraviolet, and infrared light sources
2. Interchangeable scopes in a variety of diameters and lengths
3. Tough enough to work in harsh environments

Bright Illumination
The LED light source of IPLEX GX/GT is 30% brighter than its predecessor (IPLEX RX/RT).

Crisp Images
The IPLEX GX/GT videoscope uses a new noise reduction algorithm to make it easier to locate problems and defects in dark areas.

Smooth 60 fps Video
Capture smooth videos with the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope’s high frame rate. If you are recording a moving object, you can obtain clear videos with no stutter.

Record still images and video simultaneously
With the push of a button, you can capture still images while recording a video without interruption.

Add bookmarks to save time and quickly find critical moments during video reviews.

Constant video*
Never lose critical inspection recordings. The videoscope automatically records the last 30 minutes of your inspection even if you forget to press the record button.

*Available only with IPLEX GX and requires optional microSDHC card

Interchangeable scopes and light sources enable you to adapt the videoscope to your inspection tasks. Scopes are available in 4mm and 6mm diameters with lengths up to10 meters (32 feet). Interchangeable illumination modules also allow you to change between White LED, UV, or IR.

Scope unit
Scope diameter 6.0 mm: length 2.0 / 3.5 / 7.5 / 10 m 
Scope diameter 4.0 mm: length 2.0 / 3.5 m

Light sources
White light: standard inspections
Ultraviolet (UV): detect hairline cracks, lubricants ∙ Infrared (IR): view objects in dark areas

The scopes and illumination modules can be changed on-site quickly and easily, reducing downtime.

The IPLEX NX is Olympus’s most advanced videoscope for critical inspection tasks. It combines the high-quality images available in a videoscope with an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and durability for efficient inspections in any environment. With clear, bright images and powerful measurement features, the IPLEX NX is built to exceed your expectations.

Olympus’s optical expertise ensures you only the most vivid images, displayed on a large 8.4-inch touch screen that is clear and readable in any light. Revealing even the subtlest of defects, with bright, high-quality images, the IPLEX NX is optimized to help inspectors find flaws that might otherwise be missed.

Experience the easy-to-use Advanced Stereo Measurement feature with expanded inspection coverage for fast, efficient inspections. Olympus’ unique multi Spot-Ranging provides real-time tip to target measurements for enhanced inspection accuracy.

The IPLEX NX is designed to maximize inspection productivity. IPLEX NX fits in most tight spaces, with flexible positioning, clear viewing, optimized operation, and easy access to controls.

Moreover, IPLEX NX offers a range of interchangeable scopes, while TrueFeel electric scope tip articulation provides precise control, Ghost Image Function compares past and present inspections, and the flexible Tapered Flex tube combines smooth insertion and manoeuvrability. Optional InHelp inspection assist software and optional Wi-Fi simplify inspecting, reporting, and data archiving.

View target areas clearer than ever before with the IPLEX NX. A trio of enhancements — improved high-resolution CCD technology, intensely- bright laser diode illumination, and the innovative PulsarPic processor — achieve unprecedented image quality that is four times brighter than a conventional model. Inspection targets are brightly illuminated even in large, wide spaces.

Featuring an 8.4-inch monitor, the largest in the IPLEX series, IPLEX NX can display an image that is 1.7 times larger in area than that of a conventional 6.5-inch monitor. In addition, the daylight view monitor of clear type featuring displays clear images even under bright sunlight.