Filtration Innovator

As part of the Eagle Filters Group, Eagle Filters has been developing innovative and efficient air filtration systems since 1995. Globally recognized, their filters find application across continents, serving diverse operators and end-users, delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions for gas turbines, diesel engines, and compressors.

For that, we are pleased to announce that APSS will be responsible for distributing Eagle Filters’ filtration products in New Caledonia.


EFiCELL Pre-Filters

Feature a Compact Type design, distinguished by their V-pocket configuration.

This innovative layout provides a large filtration media area, enhancing the capacity to hold dust substantially. These pre-filters offer exceptional protection for fine filters.

PanelS Pre-Filter

This series offers robust and high-performance coalescer-type filters that provide water protection for primary filters.

With a unique media design, these filters match pocket filters in dust holding capacity and remain unaffected by turbulence during use.

EFiBAG Pocket Filters

Built robustly using 100% non-woven, self-supporting, depth-loading polyester media, these filters utilize a fully waterproof material, ensuring cost-effectiveness and exceptional protection for main filters


TurboMaster Fine Filters

A stationary cartridge filter with a depth dust loading design. Its multi-layered synthetic media is water-resistant.

This unique setup allows for a water-repellent wrap for pre-filtering in humid conditions, ensuring top filtration efficiency and durability.

PulseMaster Fine Filters

Designed for reverse pulse cleaning systems, this cartridge-type filters feature a unique design that maximizes the release of captured dust during reverse pulsing.

They maintain media pleat integrity even during heavy pulsing, using 100% synthetic media and advanced pleating technology. 

V-Cell Fine Filters

A dependable panel filter of the pulse type, featuring an expansive filtration surface, tailored to manage a spectrum of environmental challenges, spanning from arid desert conditions to humid environments.

Vibration Monitoring Systems

TurboMaster EPA Filters

TurboMaster EPA filters utilize a unique 2 or 3-layer design that combines fine and EPA filtration, with the option for a pre-filter sock.

This system seamlessly fits into existing air intake housings, even during a switch from pulse to static filtration.

PulseMaster EPA Filters

The PulseMaster EPA Filters are designed for environments that employ intense pulsing, offering reliability.

Its strong, multi-layer construction ensures optimal performance and consistent laminar flow throughout use.

V-Cell EPA Filters

A dependable pulsable panel filter with a dual-stage filtration system, combining a fine filter and EPA filter in a single body.

It offers ample filtration surfaces to handle varied environmental conditions.