Smart Lifting & Motion Control Solutions

With a history spanning over 145 years, Columbus McKinnon is a global leader in lifting and smart motion control technology. Our portfolio of high-quality brands such as CM, STAHL CraneSystems, Yale, Magnetek, Coffing, and Duff-Norton, are solving high-value problems that transform businesses, increase safety and drive business growth and efficiency. As the leading industrial technology company in safe and productive motion control, CMCO prides itself on its professional-grade solutions and products that help solve its customers’ high-value problems.

APSS presently acts as the official reseller for CMCO brands such as Yale, Steerman and Camlok in Bangladesh, Myanmar and New Caledonia.

Yale Lifting Solutions

YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist

  • Lightweight and robust 360° rotating tool with a capacity of 250-500 kg.
  • Fits in any toolbox and able to lift from any angle.
  • Compact design that can cover broad areas of work.

Yale UNOplus Ratchet Lever Hoist

  • Light-weight and easy to use with a lifting capacity of up to 6000kg.
  • For efficient pulling, lifting and lashing of loads.
  • Compact design featuring heavy-duty safety catches.

Yale HANDY Ratchet Lever Hoist

  • The world’s smallest and lightest ratchet lever hoist.
  • Can be used for multiple applications as well as industries and trades.
  • Easy to use even in highly confined working conditions.

Steerman Load Moving Systems

Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate

  • Capacities from 6,000kg to 12,000kg.
  • Ideal for moving machinery and other heavy loads.
  • Front steerable skate and rear fixed skates with tie rod and pivoting load table.
  • Easy to steer in all directions. 

Steerman Hydraulic Toe Jack

  • Lifting capacity of 3,000kg, 6,000kg, and 10,000kg.
  • Operating lever rotates through 220 degrees.
  • Large stable base area.
  • Carry handle for ease of handling.
  • Chrome-plated ram and pump piston.

Steerman SCS Caterpillar Skates

  • 20, 30 or 60 tonne options.
  • Four points of contact.
  • Two towing bars.
  • Perfect for use on steel floors.
  • Shipped in a free lockable steel container with wheels.

Camlok Lifting Clamps

Camlok 92 Series Vertical Plate Clamps

  • Working load limits from 500kg to 3,000kg
  • Primarily used for transporting sheet metal and steel plates in vertical positions
  • Jaw opened and closed using a locking lever
    (except on 92-500 model)
  • Service friendly i.e., easy to change parts

Camlok CZ Heavy Duty Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

  • Working load limits from 1,000kg to 30,000kg.
  • Heavy-duty design and robust construction.
  • Ideal for lifting heavy sheet metal and steel plates
    in a vertical position.
  • Can be used for transporting steel constructions and profiles.

Camlok LJ 'Non-Marking' Plate Clamps

  • Working load limits of 500kg or 1500kg.
  • Designed for lifting steel plates, iron, aluminum, and wood, etc.
  • LJ’ model offers rubber or leather pad types depending on the material they’re lifting:
  • Unique design enables lifting without any damage or leaving indentations on the surface of the item.